Laser Engraving

A new and exciting capability Veteran Made has to offer! We are taking old school handmade craftsmanship and pairing it with new-age technology to provide you with a one-of-a-kind personalized product. Any one of our handmade wood flags can be custom laser engraved wherever you like with pretty much whatever you want. If you have a quality image (even if you Google the image), we can engrave it. Names, sayings, numbers, emblems, and logos - no problem at all. The possibilities are endless. Contact us today to design your personalized laser engraved piece available on any of our flags.

Keep this tip in mind - Busy flags (i.e., "Old Glory" / "Rustic Glory" ) go with a simple engraving.

Simple and clean flags ("Rustic American" or "RWB") allows for a detailed and busy engraving.

Balance is the key. Of course we will do what the customer wants, but we are committed to making a quality product that's going to look great. We cant wait to hear about all the creative ways we can personalize a piece for you!